Mission & Vision

The University of Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Journal (UPOJ) is an annual peer-reviewed orthopaedic journal organized and distributed by the residents of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to reflect upon the preceding academic year by publishing high-quality original research from around the country as well as review articles discussing current controversial topics in orthopaedic surgery.

Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief (2023 Volume)

Bijan Dehghani, MD
Mitchell Hallman, MD

Immediate Past Editors (2022 Volume)

Kendall M. Masada, MD
Jordan S. Cohen, MD

Faculty Advisors

Samir Mehta, MD
James Carey, MD, MPH

Website Design

Daniel Steinberg, MS

Section Editors

Kendall Masada, MD
Aymen Alqazzaz, MD
Cody Hansen, MD
Thompson Zhuang, MD
Rachel Flaugh, MD
Kathleen Collins, MD
Ashleigh Bush, MD
Caroline Granruth, MD
Sand Mastrangelo, MD
Erin Hale, MD
Ellis Berns, MD
Alyssa Throman, MD
Lisa Friedman, MD


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