Volume 11, Spring 1998


Proximal Humeral Fractures: Diagnosis and Management
Kirk L. Wong, M.D. and Gerald R. Williams, Jr., M.D., Philadelphia, PA

Decision Making in Complex Fractures of the Distal Humerus: Current Concepts and Potential Pitfalls
John N. Diana, M.D. and Matthew L. Ramsey, M.D., Philadelphia, PA

Anterior Instrumentation in the Treatment of Scoliosis
David A. Spiegel, M.D., John M. Flynn, M.D., and Denis S. Drummond, M.D., Philadelphia, PA

Current Treatment Options for Pediatric Femur Fractures
John M. Flynn, M.D., Philadelphia, PA

Overuse Injuries to the Physes in Young Athletes: A Clinical and Basic Science Review
Theodore J. Ganley, M.D., David A. Spiegel, M.D., John R. Gregg, M.D., and John M. Flynn, M.D., Philadelphia, PA

Being a Team Physician: The How’s and Why’s
Ken Fine, M.D., Washington, DC

Metacarpophalangeal Arthroplasty
Philip E. Blazar, M.D., Lexington, KY

Vascular Disorders of the Upper Extremity
Richard Moore, Jr., M.D. and L. Scott Levin, M.D., Durham, NC

The Molecules of Immobility: Searching for the Skeleton Key
Frederick S. Kaplan, M.D., David M. Glaser, M.D., Francis H. Gannon, M.D., and Eileen M. Shore, Ph.D., Philadelphia, PA

The Radiologic Assessment of Osteoporosis
Roman M. Kowalchuk, M.D., Ph.D. and Murray K. Dalinka, M.D., Philadelphia, PA

The Pharmacologic Management of Chronic Orthopaedic Pain
F. Michael Ferrante, M.D., FABPM, Philadelphia, PA

Biological Agents in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Joan M. Von Feldt, M.D., Michael Maldonado, M.D., Peter E. Callegari, M.D., and William V. Williams, M.D., Philadelphia, PA

Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis of the Ankle and MRI: A Case Report
John J. Klimkiewicz, M.D., Peter S. H. Chan, M.D., Yvonne G. Dowdy, M.D., and Enyi Okereke, M.D., Philadelphia, PA


Current Controversies in Orthopaedic Surgery: The Role of Arthroscopy in the Treatment of Degenerative Joint Disease of the Knee
A Significant Role: John R. Duda, M.D., Philadelphia, PA
A Limited Role: Joseph Bernstein, M.D., Philadelphia, PA
Guest Editorial Comments: John M. Cuckler, M.D., Birmingham, AL

Orthopaedic Trauma Education: Visions for the Future Through the OTA
Christopher T. Born, M.D., FACS and William G. DeLong, Jr., M.D., FACS, Philadelphia, PA