Volume 22, Spring 2012

2011-2012 Editorial Board

Letter from the Editors-in-Chief
Tae Won B. Kim and Pramod B. Voleti

Dedication to Dr. Mary Ann Keenan
Keith D. Baldwin and Surena Namdari

Letter from Dr. Mary Ann Keenan
Mary Ann Keenan

Letter from the Chairman
L. Scott Levin

Letter from the Program Director
Craig L. Israelite



Cement Technique for Reducing Post-Operative Bursitis after Trochanteric Fixation
Peter B. Derman, John G. Horneff, Atul F. Kamath, and Jonathan P. Garino

Sports Medicine

Patellar Tendinopathy
Stephen J. Torres, Miltiadis H. Zgonis, and Joseph Bernstein

Arthroscopic Trans-septal Portal to Treat Extension Deficits from Arthrofibrosis
Mathew Hamula, Amy E. Sewick, and John D. Kelly, IV


Post-Traumatic Arthritis Following Intra-Articular Fractures: First Hit or Chronic Overload?
Mara L. Schenker, Robert L. Mauck, Jaimo Ahn, and Samir Mehta

Short Intramedullary Nailing of Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures in the Very Elderly
Derek J. Donegan, Pramod B. Voleti, Gwo-Chin Lee, and Fotios P. Tjoumakaris

Shoulder and Elbow

Four-Bundle Cortical-Button Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction
Matthew H. Blake and G. Russell Huffman


Timing of Distal Upper Extremity Arterial Repair in Well-perfused Limb
Min Jung Park, L. Scott Levin, David J. Bozentka, and David R. Steinberg
Expert Commentary by Dr. Richard Goldner

Simultaneous Juxta-Epiphyseal Proximal Phalanx Fracture with Flexor Tendon Entrapment in a Child. A Case Report and Review of Literature
Víctor Rodríguez-Vega, Juan Pretell-Mazzini, Alberto A. Jorge-Mora, Rafael Marti-Ciruelos, and Ángel Curto de la Mano


Preoperative Disc Height as a Predictor of Success in Lumbar Total Disc Replacement
Andrew H. Milby, Joshua D. Auerbach, and Richard A. Balderston

C1-2 Fusion Through the Anterior Approach for Failed Odontoid Screw Fixation
Philip A. Saville, Palaniappan Lakshmanan, Iona E. Collins, and Bronek M. Boszczyk


Can Receiver Operating Characteristics Analysis be Used to Predict Avascular Necrosis in Pediatric Sickle Cell Patients Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
Keith D. Baldwin, Surena Namdari, John D. MacKenzie, Diego Jaramillo, and Lawrence Wells

Functional and Anatomic Characteristics of the Menisci
Alberto A. Jorge-Mora, Miguel A. Porras-Moreno, Juan Pretell-Mazzini, Rafael Marti-Ciruelos, and Ángel Curto de la Mano


Short Proximal Femur “Hip Salvage” Endoprosthetic Reconstruction for Children with Bone Sarcomas: A Report of Two Cases
Juan Pretell-Mazzini, Lauren Tomlinson, and John P. Dormans


Student-to-Student Lectureship in Musculoskeletal Education—A Case Report
Chia H. Wu and Peter B. Derman

Dedicated Lectureships

Gentchos Lectureship: Leesa M. Galatz
Sarah M. Yannascoli

Tronzo Lectureship: Thomas P. Vail
Stephen Y. Liu

Leung Lectureship: Milan V. Stevanovic
Jonathan B. Slaughter

Health System Updates

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
John L. Esterhai, Jr., Jaimo Ahn, R. Bruce Heppenstall, L. Scott Levin, and Samir Mehta

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
David J. Bozentka

Pennsylvania Hospital
Richard D. Lackman

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
John P. Dormans and Lauren Tomlinson

Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center
John L. Esterhai, Jr.

McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
Louis J. Soslowsky